Mora on Matching Up Against ASU

Sep. 29 -- Jim Mora talked on Tuesday about matching up against Arizona State...

Opening statement:

Good practice, great start to the week.  Good challenge this week against a good Arizona State team coming in.  We're excited about the opportunity.

On Michael Bercovici:

We have more film to look at this time around. He looks comfortable running their system and confident. You can tell the experience he got last year has really helped.

On the road team winning the last three games:

To me it doesn't matter where you play but how you play. Last year we played well and had a good victory, the year before, in a real important game for us, they got a win and the first year, it came down to the wire. We're going to prepare to play our best.

On Mossi Johnson at safety:

He did ok, he played a few snaps.  He's tough, he's a good athlete and he's smart and athletic.  

On Todd Graham:

They come after you a lot, but we've had a lot of that this year with a freshman quarterback.  From Virginia, which was unique with a lot of things they do, to UNLV and BYU, they stood around and did stuff. Then this week with the 3-3-5.  We've seen a lot.  He'll do something new, but our offensive line is pretty good at sorting things out and I'm confident we'll play well.  

On the running game:

I don't know what causes the defense problems, I just know we're running the ball well.

On Josh Rosen's connection with Jordan Payton:

I think he's just played better, the offensive line has given him time to throw, the backs are protected and Nate's done a good job of protection and he throws to the guys he's supposed to.

On seeing pressure:

Pass protection is a function of everybody.  That's what's important of playing teams that give you varied looks. You've got that in the memory banks.

On the problems Bercovici presents:

He's smart and confident and throws a nice ball and he understands their scheme.

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