Caleb Benenoch On OL's New Capability

Sep. 29 -- Right tackle Caleb Benenoch talks about how the offensive line is able to do more this year, and facing ASU's attacking defense...

On the performance of the offensive line against Arizona: 

We had a pretty good day. We started off fast and I think we got a slower start in the second half, so we cleaned some things up and finished fast.

On what Arizona did in the second half: 

A lot of movement up front, a lot of different shifts.  Simple things.

On the return of Adrian Klemm: 

It helps a lot. We can make changes on the fly.  

On pulling more with this offensive line: 

I don't think its any more than before, I think its just more successful.  You notice it more.  It comes with maturity and we have had success in it.

On if he enjoys blocking at the second level: 

Oh yes. Its always fun to block guys smaller than me.

On if ASU is a complex defense to prepare for: 

Definitely.  A lot of extra film study. They do a lot of things up front.  USC had like 70 yard rushing. They're a good front and have a very good scheme.

On looking forward to the ASU game: 

Oh yeah, we look forward to it.  I enjoy playing ASU. There is a little rivalry there. A lot of animosity there and we love the fight when we play them. There are a lot of California kids at ASU and a lot of Arizona kids at UCLA. So there is familiarity with each other.

On winning in the trenches: 

We have a lot of starts under our belt up front.  The game really slows down.  You react to the game faster.  Everything goes slower and you react faster, because we've been playing with each other for so long, me and Alex and Jake.

On having the mentality they can't be stopped: 

We're a very confident group.  We have a great coach in Coach Klemm.  We have a great coaching staff in KP.  Everyone can see it on the field.

On keeping Josh Rosen protected: 

Its a group effort.  We're doing a great job in our protection with Jake making different calls. If something breaks down, he does a great job getting out of the pocket and he has great pocket presence.  

On if Rosen makes their life easier: 

I said it the second day in San Bernardino, he's a pocket passer. It makes our life easier and makes the defensive line's life hell.

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