UCLA's Jaleel Wadood on Secondary's Performance

Oct. 1 -- Sophomore starting safety Jaleel Wadood talked about the performance of the secondary and some of its moving parts...

Jaleel Wadood talked this week from practice. 

On what he sees from ASU:

Playing them is always a tough challenge, another opponent in the Pac-12.  Things that ASU does physically and mentally, you have to prepare extra tough. I feel we had a great practice today.

On Michael Bercovici:

I remember he had a pretty good day on us which I didn’t like so we’re trying to correct mistakes from last year.

On D.J. Foster:

He’s a great athlete and we know that. We don’t treat him any different than the other 10 players.  We do our assignments and play fast and take care of ourselves.  Our scheme will be the determining factor whether we do things a certain way.

On the Arizona film and the read option:

Some things we have to fix as a defense, not necessarily things they would do. We’re getting those things fixed on film. It will be pretty nice to see what we do against it this week.

On guys stepping up:

People get scholarships for a reason. They all watch film like the other guys who start and play. We have the mentality, next man up, and that’s how we play.  

On Mossi Johnson:

he’s a natural athlete.  Him being on the field with us, he’ll learn quick, he’s a fast learner.

On Ishmael Adams:

He did great. With all the things going on, he never stopped working out and he’s a good asset to our team.

On the concerns with the defense:

No concerns.  Watching more film, knowing what you’re supposed to do.  Guys might have been trying to do too much but when you learn to do what you have to do, it will work out.  Trying to make tackles that weren’t necessarily out of their way.  Everyone complements each other. We’ll get the nicks and knacks out of the way and be fine.

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