Thomas Duarte Talks Catch, Rosen

Oct. 2 -- Thomas Duarte talks about the one-handed catch against Arizona, facing ASU, and catching throws from Josh Rosen...

Thomas Duarte answered questions from the media this week. 

On his touchdown against Arizona:

It was exciting, real exciting, because it was the first touchdown and got the team going and we just kind of took off.  You have to make the hard catches when your team needs you to.  It was big, it kind of got us rolling and from then on, we were hitting on all cylinders.

On Arizona State’s defense:

They’re big. It will be exciting to play and it should be a good game on Saturday.

On his confidence in Josh Rosen:

Very confident. As confident as I was in week one because we know what he can do. He’s shown it in camp and at practice all the time.  We believe in him and trust in him and he’s going to get the job done no matter what.  In the games, he makes some throws that he makes in practice and we all look each other amazed and we just nod our head and say ‘lets go to the next one.’

On where his biggest strides have been:

Just being more calm in the pocket. Being more poised.  Controlling the offense a little better. He didn’t let his performance at BYU get to him, he came out against Arizona like it never happened.

On if he’s expecting Rosen to put it on the mark:

From camp, its really been in the area.  Make the right read and throw it where it needs to be.  I think every ball has been where it needs to be and he’s done a great job/

On the team working like a well-oiled machine:

The injuries were really significant to our team. As a team we’re real close.  We knew when Myles went down, when Fabian went down, when Eddie went down, the next guy had to step up.  And they did.  We know we have to trust each other. When those guys went down, we were sad, but there was no drop off.  Every day in practice, we come out and compete and get better every day. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.  I know the team believes in itself and we don’t take anything for granted.  No matter what happens, the conditions or the teams we’re playing, we come against our standard.

On Darren Andrews:

He understands the offense, he knows the concepts and he’s fast.  He was a little timid but now he’s playing fast.  All the credit to him. He’s a great player and he’s showing it.

On Devin Lucien:

It will be fun but we look at him like another player. It will be great to see him again, but he’s just another player on the team.

On the offense:

No matter what they do, I believe we can counter them. I believe in this offense.  At the end of the day, it comes down to execution and I believe we’ll get it done.

On scoring quickly:

That’s what we’ve been practicing really. To jump out on these teams, it gives us the momentum we need.  We jumped on Arizona from the get-go and it was fun. We know the importance of starting fast. We all bought in.  We’re excited when the first kickoff goes and everyone is flying around doing their job.

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