UCLA's Kenny Clark on DL Adapting

Oct. 2 -- UCLA's star defensive lineman Kenny Clark talked about his big performance against Arizona, and the UCLA DL adapting to adversity...

Kenneth Clark talked to us during ASU week after practice. 

On adjusting without Eddie Vanderdoes:

We stay doing the same thing, the young guys come out here and work hard every day.

On if its added more attention to him:

I don’t know, I always get double teamed. I’m a nose guard, I always get double teamed.  Our whole D-Line gets double-teamed. I don’t see no difference.

On if he knew how many tackles he had:

I knew I had a lot, but I didn’t know I had that many.

On leading in tackles when double-teamed:

Its a tribute to my work ethic and how I come out to practice every day.  My teammates are in good positions around me.  If the running back runs in my gap or in my area, I just do what I have to do.

On the read option:

They did a good job of watching us down. What it really came down to was making tackles and we didn’t make tackles.  We need to get that straight during practice.  Arizona did a good job, but we missed a lot of tackles.

On winning in the trenches:

I feel like every day at practice, we go against the best offensive line in the country, or one of the best.  The offensive line is going against our defensive line every day, so there is nothing we can do but get better.  Lack of effort and they’ll run over us. They’re going against the best, we’re going against the best.

On Arizona State:

Arizona State, big backs.  Number four is shifty, number nine, Ballage, is physical. The offensive line is big.  I’ve played against a number of them. They know us, we know them.  Strong, physical, quick.  It will be a good matchup.

On concerns with the defense:

No concerns.  

On playing against familiar faces:

I think its good for all of us, especially the young guys who played in the game.  They know Arizona State and have a feeling for what they do.  The way they block things, their scheme, they’ve gone against them before.  As you know, every year, I think teams get better, not worse, so it will be a great challenge for us.

On why they have so much success on the road:

Mental toughness. Every year we go to San Bernardino.  Come out here as hard as we can, the heat, the cold, the rain and everyone here strives to be great. That’s a tribute to our coaches, the leaders on this team and the players coming out and being accountable.  Winning on the road is never hard. 

On staying tough with players out:

It was tough when guys go down because those are our brothers.  But our mentality is next man up. Yeah, those are our brothers, but we trust everybody that’s a part of our defense, a part of our offense, we trust our coaches.  Jayon, Isaako, Kenny Young, Eli, Matt, we trust all of them. We weren’t worried as much. I trust all my teammates.

On missed tackles:

We just work on tackling drills, wrapping up more, getting after it, keep playing with our same high intensity. That was a big deal for us against Arizona, missing a lot of tackles. We had to come out every day to tackle a lot better.

On why they’re missing tackles:

Its one of those things, I don’t know how that goes, it was just one of those things. I’m honestly not sure.  I don’t think it was mental.  I don’t know. I feel like we’re athletic and a strong team. I don’t know what happened.

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