VIDEO: Tom Bradley Talks Defensive Issues

Sept. 30 -- Tom Bradley talks about the defensive issues and what needs to be fixed going for...

Tom Bradley:

On the Arizona film:

We had a lot of mistakes, a lot of missed tackles. I could have called a much better game than I did. We could do better, I could do better and take it from there.

On the linebackers tackling issues:

Fundamental things we didn't do well. We have to get back to the basics.  It wasn't just linebackers. Everyone played a part in those missed tackles. We'll get back to work, we'll practice.  If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.  We have to get ourselves fundamentally sound.

On this week's practice:

We we've been practicing hard the last couple of days and our attention to detail has been much better. We'll go in to the game with the appropriate attitude.  Being smarter with down and distance. A lot of things we're trying to emphasize this week.

On Mossi Johnson at safety:

I thought he played well the snaps he was in. One of the things you dont want to do is, I'd rather be a week late than a week early and he's not ready for everything. We got him some reps and coverages he would know and each week Coach Martin tries to emphasize a few more coverages.  A lot will have to do with the game and how his reps are at the end of the week.

On ASU's offense:

Its a tough offense to defend. They have an explosive football team so we have to understand how they'll attack us.

On if they're a better offense than they've showed:

I think they're a much better offense. They were at the 1-yard line and turned it over. They've dropped some balls. I'm sure they're trying to correct those. This is a big game for their offense. They're explosive and understand what they want to do.

On if they're more vulnerable:

Yeah, its on film so they can look at how we can attack them.

On being on the sideline:

Being on the sideline thats helped me a lot, looking at them and what they grasp. That takes some time. We've been in four games now.  But I can look in their eyes and tell.  

On if that will change how they're doing:


On why he's on the sideline:

I like being on the sideline with the players, looking in their eyes, and getting a lot more out of them when you're on the field. I like to look in their eyes and find out things.  When you're with them, their mannerisms tell you.

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