VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Preparing for ASU

Sept. 30 -- Noel Mazzone talks about going against the blitz-happy ASU defense...

Noel Mazzone:

On Devin Lucien giving ASU any hints:

I'm not worried about that. I'm glad Devin is having some success over there.  I'm not worried about it. Hell, we don't even know our own signals.  Its a good question. There are no changes to anything we've done.  Everything is the same, Devin.  But he was three years with us.  The signals, they do a good job, most defenses do a good job, looking for that edge, when you're a no-huddle team.  When you're a tempo, signaling is one of those things.  Not just Devin, but any team because we've been here for four years. That is something you always think about.

On ASU's blitzing:

Its a great challenge for us, an attacking defense. We try to get a hat on a hat and play with the same aggressiveness.

On less takeaways for ASU:

Turnovers are funny. We went and had six in two weeks and then we go from six to zero. They've always done a great job there of giving you a lot of looks. You have to recognize things. That's how they create their turnovers.  A little like BYU. A fluid defense with people moving. This will be a great challenge for Josh.  A lot of unrecognized fronts.

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