VIDEO: Jake Brendel on O-Line Performance

Oct. 2 -- Jake Brendel talks about how UCLA will deal with ASU's blitzing and how Caleb Benenoch has improved...

Jake Brendel:

On the ASU defense:

They move around a lot and bring a lot of heat.  Things we don't see from a lot of teams. We have to be on our games. Expect more, kind of what we've seen already. We have to study film.

On the difference from other teams:

The pressures don't really change at all, but they'll put their own spin on it.  Pressure is pressure.  

On Caleb Benenoch:

I feel like he's come into himself a little and honed in on his skills.  He's realizing his ability.  I saw it in spring too.  In some ways, it was more imperative to get prepared them.  We always take the spring really serious and try and get up to the level we need to be for the first game in spring.

On staying on the same page:

We all study film on our own and together. Basically all of our free time is on film on iPads.  Having that knoweledge of what they brought in the past and executing.  Its key in picking blitzes up.

On going silent count with a freshman quarterback:

It was fine. We only had one issue and it was that we weren't silent yet. The first drive was sloppy but once we went to silent, it was good.

On the offense four games in:

We have a lot in the tank still.  We always come in on Sunday and Monday and there is always this sick feeling in our stomach, a lot of mistakes, a lot of reads we didn't make. In practice and out here, we have to fix those problems and we'll recharge our whole potential.

On realistic expectations at this point:

I feel like we're doing pretty well. We always have things to work on. Its not like we'll be complacent.  We'll always stay hungry as a team and as an offense and offensive line and come out here and try and get better.

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