VIDEO: Randall Goforth on Playing Corner

Oct. 1 -- Randall Goforth talks about making the switch from safety to corner and the differences between the positions...

Randall Goforth:

On his first full game at cornerback:

It went pretty well. I have a lot to improve on. As a defense, we're continuing to get ready every day and get ready for a great ASU offense.

On the biggest change from safety:

Seeing the field differently. Now you're just guarding your side of the field.  Everything is the same, our press technique is the same. I'd be in the slot at safety.  From the middle of the field to being on the island. I came in as a corner. I played corner before safety back in my Long Beach Poly days.  Going back to my roots.

On his shoulder:

My shoulder is fine.

On Ishmael Adams:

Ish did well. I'm glad to have him back.

On Mossi Johnson at safety:

He's a natural athlete.  Playing safety for us is big because we need him there.

On Devin Lucien:

I'm good friends with Devin. I like their whole offense, they're a great offense, and we're trying to focus on them as a whole and not just one player.  We just focus on getting ready for the offense and they have a great quarterback. We try to focus on competing.

On communication with the DBs:

Communication was like it always is. We hang on and off the field, so with Fabian out, its next man in, practice makes perfect and we work on our communication. When we're in practice, we switch around. Its good chemistry with everyone on the field.

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