VIDEO: Jim Mora on Thursday Before ASU

Oct. 1 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about Nate Iese, special teams, and more on Thursday before ASU...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:

It has been a good week so far. We're focused in. Tomorrow is our last on the field work and we'll go tee it up on Saturday. Its always fun to play a conference opponent and a Pac-12 South opponent, Arizona State a team we have a lot of respect for and we always seem to have physical, tough, competitive games with. It will be fun on Saturday to be out there, late afternoon, evening. That's where I'd want to be if I was a fan. That's where I want to be as a coach.

On what makes this Bruin team special:

I always think my teams are special.  You get to know these young men. Its a mature team. They've been able to overcome adversity. They don't blink. They're very focused.  I just appreciate their attitude.

On Nate Iese as a blocker:

He's developed very well. He's a complete football player, he can block, catch the ball downfield, out of the backfield. I like the way we're using him.  He's very critical in our pass protection as well and that may be something overlooked with him.  Often times he's asked to block the defensive end and he's done a nice job of it. He just keeps getting better.

On Kai'mi Fairbairn's kickoffs:

I like it when it's not a touchback too because we're fourth in the country in kick coverage and its fun to watch us in coverage.  Its fun to watch Rosy Davis run down there. I think if you ask those ten guys running down there, they'd like him every once in a while to not kick it out of the end zone so they could cover it instead of running a 60-yard dash.

On why they've had success in kickoff coverage:

Its scheme, attention to detail and more importantly, attitude. Its an honor to be on that kickoff team and they have a lot of pride in it.  When it doesn't go out of the end zone, it hangs.

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