Theo Howard Recaps UCLA Visit

Oct. 6 -- The #8-ranked wide receiver in the nation, Theo Howard from Westlake, took his official visit over the weekend to check out UCLA...

Even though he has been there multiple times already, elite Scout 100 receiver Theo Howard used his first official visit on local favorite UCLA.

"I had a great visit, it felt like a big family to me," Howard said. "I would say the highlight of the visit was just hanging out with the guys on the team. After the game Saturday night, I really enjoyed being around the team and just bonding with them and getting to know everyone better.

"Cameron Judge and Jordan Payton were my hosts and I know those guys really well already from when I was at Oaks as a freshman. They're great guys and took good care of me. The whole team was fun to be around and I really have a strong comfort level at UCLA right now."

UCLA lost a tough one to Arizona State but Howard said it didn't affect his visit.

"The players were upset in the locker room right after the game," Howard said. "Then they quickly focused on the next opponent and said they still have a lot to play for. I like the offense and spent time with Coach Yarber talking about my role in the offense.

"They want to move me around and put me in the slot and out wide. I didn't talk much with Josh Rosen but he's obviously a great quarterback and it would be fun to catch some passes from him over the next few years. I think I would fit in well there and in the offense and could play early."

Howard said he didn't take a campus tour on the visit, simply becasue he has been to UCLA multiple times and had already seen everything.

"I toured the dorms but didn't need to do the campus tour since I've been there before," Howard said. "Sunday we had breakfast at Coach Mora's house and that was a great time. I like Coach Mora, he's a good guy and a very good coach.

"I'm still not ready to make a decision and have one more trip to take. I'm going to Texas A&M on (Oct. 16) and then I'll be ready to commit following that visit. USC is still high on my list too, they're right there with UCLA. I'm not taking a visit only becasue I've been there more than any other school but I still like them a lot. This A&M visit should be good and when I get home, I'll sit back and evaluate all my options and go from there."

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