Jim Mora on an Injury, Stanford Preparation

Oct. 11 -- Jim Mora talked after practice about a season-ending injury and preparing for Stanford...

Opening Statement:

Mossi Johnson blew out his knee in 1-on-1's last week, his ACL, PCL and MCL, he's going to be out for the year and have surgery here in a week or two. Other than that, we're preparing for a real good Stanford team.

On if it was the same knee he tore in high school:

I didn't even check.  I don't know, I think it's his right knee, but I'm not positive.

On if he shakes his head at the injuries:

Injuries are part of this game, unfortunately.  You feel for the young man that gets hurt. They've worked so hard to get where they are.  In all four of those guys case, they were lost for the season, and they had worked hard to set up for a big season.  So you hate to see that, the rehab they'll have to go through, that's difficult. You have to look forward and can't let it become a distraction and become the best you can and I appreciate that about our young men.  They come out and do the best they can.

On their blocking scheme:

We're not really a zone blocking team. Its definitely different. We run off cards.  When you simulate an opponents offense, its a little different.  I think most of our offensive lineman doing our scout team stuff, they've done most of everything. Today, they gave us a really good look. They were crisp and in to it. I appreciate the effort. Its hard to simulate their size and as crisp as they run it.  

On if he knew David Shaw in the NFL:

I knew his dad really well. I've known David a long time, but I knew his dad better than him.  Fellow coaches, I had a lot of respect for his dad. We both had defensive back background, so out at the combine, out on the road, working guys out, we always talked ideas. I have a lot of respect for him as a coach.

On if he sees NFL influences with Stanford:

In terms of a sense of attention to detail and the way they're prepared for situations, yes.  Football is football, good coaches know how to prepare at any level and David is a really good coach.

On Christian McCaffrey:

They have always had since Jim Harbaugh got there, this tremendous combination of really tremendous offensive line and tight ends, sometimes their tight ends were offensive lineman, and then running backs who grind it out, make clutch catches and that's what you see this year with McCaffrey.  You have to be disciplined because he has great change of direction. We see that with Paul Perkins every day.  But its practice.  You just have to do your job, and be assignment perfect and play with good leverage and gap control defense.  His all purpose yards are off the charts. He's a tremendous player and great competitor.

On how the run defense has responded since ASU:

I thought against Arizona State, we played really good run defense, especially early, then they got things late. The two practices last week and then today, we were good. We had to rearrange the puzzle a little.  Asking Kenny Young to go to the Will instead of the Mike. It seems easy but it isn't.  I think we're reoraganized now.

On Isaako Savaainaea:

He's a good player.  He came in to the BYU game when Kenny got ejected and played very well. Against Arizona, he played well, although I don't think anyone played as well as we like.  He has a lot of confidence and when he's on the field, he makes plays, like he did in high school.  He has a real eagerness to play. He's a good tackler, makes plays and gets to the balls.

On Thursday games helping with recruiting:

I'm more concerned with beating Stanford, then recruiting. That's our focus.  Winning games is the number one thing helping recruiting. 

On if Stanford is a mental hurdle:

I think every year is a different deal. If you dwell on the past, whether its a positive past, you have to approach every game and every year as a different entity. And that's what we have to do.  Our freshman have never played Stanford and our sophomores have only played once. You bring it in that week.

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