Jake Brendel on OL, Stanford

Oct. 11 -- UCLA center Jake Brendel talked about getting the Stanford onus off UCLA's back...

Jake Brendel talked Sunday after practice. 

On mentally preparing for Stanford:

We always try and look at the future and what's happening right now and we don't want to look back and dwell on the past but at the same time, you can't let it not affect you. This coaching staff and team hasn't had success against Stanford yet, but we want to change that. We're changing our mentally this week.  We're set in our jobs and getting ready mentally and physically.

On what makes them difficult to matchup:

They pride themselves in running a Big Ten offense, a hybrid pro, that's not something we see in this conference often. Bigger bodies, stronger bodies.  We have more speed and skill so we have to exploit where they have strengths and make sure we have our strengths for Thursday.

On if the bye week helps in preparation:

Yeah, because your gameplan will change a little depending on what they bring to the table. They had a bye too so the table is pretty even.

On if the eye-opening loss helps:

I'm not thinking about that now, and not sure the team is either. We're preparing for Stanford.

On if Stanford is doing anything different:

Their defensive line coach is one of the best in the nation and they always bring a solid group.  That's what they've been bringing since I've been playing them.

On if game prep is better:

The scout team has never been better because of the depth we have.  We have a guy who could be in the rotation for a game down to the scout team.

On run game issues:

I'm not really supposed to talk about that, but it had to do with movement.

On Stanford's running game:

I'm not really sure, I'm the wrong guy to ask. They always bring a good run game because of the style of their offense. They pride themselves on staying on double teams longer than anyone else. To be honest, Kenny Clark is going to have a really big game, so you'll want to interview him.

On if he envies Stanford's offensive line:

You always want to be in a system that you can showcase your skills in.  That sort of offense, I wouldn't want to be in it, because I'm not humongous. I'm better in space.  That fits more the hybrid offense than the pro-style offense.

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