Deon Hollins on What Stanford Win Would Mean

Oct. 12 -- Linebacker Deon Hollins talks about what a win over Stanford would mean for the program...

Deon Hollins talked after practice this week. 

On the mindset against Stanford giving their struggles:

The wrong way to think about it would be to forget about it, but Coach White said to watch the game from a few years back and watch and embrace it.  I won't say we're harping on the game, but feel the disappointment from last year and try to circumvent it.

On if there is a different scheme this year:

I guess wouldn't say we have more knowledge, they don't hide anything.  They try to get into manageable situations. There is nothing to trick you. The most important thing is for us to do what we have to do.  Its the small things we miss and then bad things happen.  A lot of times, guys overlook things.

On how big this game is:

For me personally, I think its the biggest one thus far. Coach Mora said no one expects us to do anything, but we want to show the pundits what we're about.

On if Stanford is a road block:

Its something we talk about all the time, getting over the hump, being a tougher and more physical team.

On Christian McCaffrey:

They've been a more downhill, power guys, but he presents a different challenge. Guys think they have him down and he's still wiggling. Their offensive line does a good job opening holes.

On Stanford's goal line offense:

Making tackles are all the more paramount. Tackling has to be a really good thing.  We've been working on it the last couple of weeks.

On having extra time to prepare:

You get to go back to the huddle, catch your breath, you get to survey them, which you don't have the option against spread teams. With the bye week, we have an extra week of film.

On if Stanford has any comparable teams:

They call it intellectual brutality, that's their MO and they've had a lot of success with it. They pride themselves on it.  Stanford, real tough, academic rigorous, its an oxymoron and they're a really good team.

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