Caleb Benenoch on Stanford Challenge

Oct. 14 -- UCLA offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch talks about the unique challenge Stanford's defense presents...

Caleb Benenoch talks during Stanford week. 

On preparation for Stanford:

We go in to every game the same, we set our game plan, we see what the defense does and we roll with it.

On why they have difficulties against Stanford:

The last couple of years, we've caused ourselves problems. Mental errors, penalties, things like that. We have to eliminate things like that.  Stanford doesn't make a lot of mistakes.  We have to be mistake free and do what we do well.

On if Stanford is a mental hurdle:

No, its another step in the road to getting what we want to get to. We'll be ready for Thursday.

On why their defense is so good:

They're a hard-nosed football team, good gap control, don't give up a lot of big plays. You get 7-8 offensive drives and if you don't make them count, you're going to have problems beating them. 

On the offensive line experience:

We definitely have a real chip on our shoulder and want to go out there and play our game against those guys. They're a good football team and its a good measuring stick for our offensive line.

On the chip on their shoulder:

Its coming in and playing offensive line for UCLA.  Before I got here, the offensive line has been a whipping boy so we have a chip on our shoulder, since I got here, that's been our thing, fighting for respect and carrying the chip on our shoulder every week.

On if he's more comfortable at tackle or guard:

I'm more comfortable at tackle.

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