VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Prepping For Stanford

Oct. 12 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about what the challenges are in preparing for Stanford...

On what he sees from Stanford's defense:

The same thing I see ever year, physical, well-coached, they don't make mistakes.  They make you have patience, make you execute and make plays.  

On how much they've looked at the previous four games:

We look.  We're all neurotic anyway and paranoid. We go back and look at every time we play them. They do a great job up there and its a great challenge for us. I know I am and our kids are looking forward to it.

On Josh Rosen prepping for Stanford:

Some times its not exponential, but every week, the best coach out there is experience.  I think he's locked in this week and I think he's learned something from the last game. Its good to see him make more and more decisions.

On what they emphasized during the bye week:

It comes down to the same things, you have to catch the football, not have penalties and do the basic fundamental things. Those were our issues last game, dropped balls and penalties. So we revisted the fundamentals, things we did early in camp.

On if there were specific things in previous Stanford games they've seen:

They are who they are and we are who we are and they've forced their will on us previously.

On if the line experience will help:

I'm there with you. 

On the importance of explosive plays:

Paul's a guy you have to concern yourself in the game plan that if it creates more or less explosive plays, I don't know.

On two-back sets:

One thing it gives you is more protection if throwing the football and it also helps us get Nate on the field.  It doesn't really hurt with schemes.  

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