Tom Bradley on Big Stanford Offense

Oct. 13 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the challenges of preparing for Stanford's big, physical offense...

On playing a Big Ten type offense in Stanford:

They're a heck of a football team and it will be a great challenge for our guys.  We're excited and looking forward to it. We've seen this type of look in the Big Ten, not sure if its as precise as they do it, but we've seen it in the Big Ten.  We don't see a lot of things they do in our own offense, so we have to simulate what they do which is difficult in a short amount of time.

On what Stanford does that is difficult to replicate:

Its hard to find big bodies like they have or be as precise as they are.  Even though we're trying to get it done as best we can, it will be a little different on Thursday night. We're trying to be as precise as we can.  When you play a team like Stanford, you have to be able to tackle.

On improving on missed tackles:

There is an emphasis on tackling, every day we work at it.  Its not easy to get tackling live.  We have to simulate things.

On Kevin Hogan:

I think we go back and look at past games and see what he's done in the past.  We look at what he's added to the arsenal when he's not banged up.  People don't give him enough credit for his legs. I think he's an outstanding footbal player. I've seen him live when he played at Army. I understand the capabilities he has.  I think he may have been banged up early, but he's healthy now and a heck of a football player.

On Christian McCaffrey:

I know his dad, if that means anything.  I might try to make friends with him before the game.  "I knew your day, I watched him play in high school." We tried to recruit his dad when I was at Penn State.  His son is an outstanding football player and he's good.

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