Eldridge Massington on Connection With Rosen

Oct. 14 -- UCLA receiver Eldridge Massington talks about the connection he's built with Josh Rosen and how he's preparing for Stanford...

Eldridge Massington talked about Stanford this week.

On prepping for Stanford:

They're physical, they don't make mistakes. Its the same team I see every year.

On being more experienced for Stanford:

Experience is huge and helps a lot. I feel like it will be a more even battle.  I feel like this year it will be more evened out.

On if the ASU loss has helped them focus on Stanford:

We lost a game? I don't even remember what happened. I'm just worrying about Stanford.  Focused on trying to get the win for Stanford. 

On how Stanford's defense differs:

They play simple defense, they just don't make mistakes. All the guys in the right spot and doing their job.

On the chemistry with Josh Rosen:

It's been cool. It's not like me and Brett, but me and him are trying to establish a relationship.  It will never be like me and Brett, but he's a great guy and I like him a lot.

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