Paul Perkins on Stanford Defense

Oct. 15 -- Paul Perkins talks about the issues UCLA has had against Stanford and what the keys will be for the Bruins this week...

Paul Perkins talked about Stanford this week.

On why they've struggled against Stanford:

They're a good team and they pride themselves in not making penalties and playing smart. They're a hard nosed football team. That's why they're ranked nationally.

On the importance of a win:

We have to get back on track after losing to ASU.  I think its pivotal to go up there and get a crucial win.

On if he expects Stanford to stack the box:

They've played some pretty good running backs so they'll stay true to their form.  We're ready for them.

On if they matchup well with Stanford:

I think we matchup against any team in the country.

On what Stanford has done against them:

I think we've made some mental mistakes and got off the field.

On the UCLA offensive line:

I think our offensive line is one of the best in the country. I go to bat for them every time and I think they can go against the best of the best.

On what they have to focus on:

We can't make mental mistakes and we can't make mistakes because they're a good team that capitalizes on them.

On if they think about the previous losses to Stanford:

Nah, its a new year, new group of guys. On to the next one.

On if would be nice to beat Stanford:

Yes, its nice to beat anyone. Beating Stanford, beating ASU, beating Colorado, USC, it's all the same to me.

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