VIDEO: Jim Mora on Tuesday Before Stanford

Oct. 13 -- Jim Mora talks about matching up with Stanford's physicality, Steve Sarkisian being fired, and more...

On if Stanford is a hurdle to get over:

I think you make a mistake if you start looking at it like that. You look at it as one game.  Our approach is every week is one game to win. Once you start making one game more important than another to win, you open yourself up to inconsistency.

On Steve Sarkisian:

Well, he's a friend of mine, so my heart goes out to him. I wish the best for him. I care about him.

On Kevin Hogan:

Quarterbacks, all you have to do is look at a guy like Matthew Stafford, he's one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and he struggled this Sunday. When you find your rhythm, you're in a groove. The key for us is to play well and be consistent.

On if the BYU win helps with Stanford:

I feel like we've become more physical as a program and we're better equiped for bigger and more physical teams.  It started with the Baylor game a couple years ago where we felt we were physically outmatched.  I think we've become a physical team. Every game is a different proposition, you never know going in what's going to happen but our guys are ready to play well.

On if Stanford's defense is thinner:

Well they may be thinner, but they have players that are still very, very good.  The key for us on offense is executing and being assignment perfect and trying to stay on the field on third down. That's what we've got to try to do.

On if time of possession is important against Stanford:

They play more NFL style offense in terms of huddling and giving the quarterback a chance to look things over, pre-snap. Two things that have to happen is staying on the field on third down on offense and getting off the field on third down on defense.  It will be a great indicator when you play in this conference because so many teams play so fast.  I think it's more being productive on third down offense and defense where we're looking for.

On Jayon Brown and Marcus Rios:

Jayon is ready to go, Marcus is ready to go. Its nice to have those guys back healthy. They're starters for one.  We're already down three and we don't like to be down five. Experience, guys who've been in game situations, guys that give us added depth. It helps us on defense and on special teams as well.

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