VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Stanford Loss

Oct. 16 -- Tom Bradley talked about the defensive issues against Stanford and whether more scheme changes are needed...

On if injuries are forcing them to scramble:

No, I don't think so. As I said to you before, I look at myself first and look in the mirror. I have to do a better job with calls. We'll get it figured out. Its unfortunate that tonight, you're not going to win a game giving up those big plays.  There were way too many of them tonight.

On the rushing performances against them:

I think we have to do a better job.  I saw it myself.  I look at myself. When I get back to the office, I'll see what I can figure out from there. One thing I make sure of, you're not as good as you think you are when you're winning and not as bad when you're losing. The only guys that matter are the guys in the room. We have to keep working at it and go from there.

On if Stanford did anything different:

Not really. They had a few new formations, but nothing different.

On what it does to their psyche:

It should affect their psyche and be mad about it.  

On if Stanford was better than he thought they'd be:

They were what I thought they would be. A well-coached unit. They took it to us tonight.

On the challenge of going from spread to power:

Its a good question.  It isnt anything no one else in the conference has to worry about.  Its a challenging aspect of coaching on defense because of the challenging and unique offenses you face. Its fun and a good thing. You like to compete. Our guys like to compete on defense.  We'll try to put this one behind us.

On moving Randall Goforth back to safety:

It was an opportunity to get Randall back to where he feels more comfortable plus his leadership getting everyone lined up correctly helps us greatly.

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