VIDEO: Noel Mazzone After Stanford

Oct. 16 -- Noel Mazzone talked about Josh Rosen and the offense's performance against Stanford...

On how he thought Josh Rosen did:

Good. He threw that interception and then came back and led us down the field. I thought he did a nice job tonight. And I thought he and the receivers, we had a couple young linemen in there, they kept battling.  Josh is good.

On what he can grow from in that kind of game:

This year, every situation and every week is a different game, team, defense, environment he's going through the first time.  At the end, he made some impressive throws at the end.

On if that is why they left him in:

No doubt, he needs that experience. 

On weighing that against the risk:

You weigh that with all your guys. He doesn't have the experience that Perk has. You don't get the experience unless you get out there and do it. He wanted to stay in there and battle.

On how much the interception ruined the flow:

I thought the kids bounced back, we drive down the field, should have had the touchdown and we get those penalties. Then he drives us down at the half. Those are invaluable experiences for our football team. He kind of moved on and went to the next series.  The kids did a nice job that second series.

On if they planned to come out aggressively:

Yeah. Some of that was the run/pass option.  Some were called run, but they had tags to it.  He's making some decisions there.

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