VIDEO: Josh Rosen on Loss to Stanford

Oct. 16 -- Josh Rosen talks about the loss to Stanford and his first interception against the Cardinal...

Josh Rosen after Stanford.

On if Stanford surprised them:

No. They lined up, they did what we thought they would do and they just out executed us.

On his pick six:

It was cover four. We had a sort of pretty deep out breaking route. I liked the leverage on it, and they just sat on the sticks. I mean, if we didn't luck out, it would have been a touchdown, but hindsight is 20/20. He just sat on the sticks, and I under threw it a little bit. But those kind of throws I kind of have to put it really, really high and away. So it will either be a big catch or it will be out of bounds. So, I gotta clean it up.

On if there was a certain play that showed it was out of hand:

Probably. I don't remember. I was a little frustrated that we couldn't score coming out of the first drive in the second half. But other than that, no, nothing I remember particularly.

On passing early:

A lot of it was called. It was just – it worked, so we kept going with it.

On where the loss stands:

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I don't know, it's very frustrating. I really wanted to beat this team. I really wanted to make a statement.

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