VIDEO: Randall Goforth on Defensive Problems

Oct. 16 -- Randall Goforth talks about switching back to safety and the defensive problems against Stanford...

Randall Goforth talks after Stanford.

On their TE's getting open:

Great throws, great catch. We got caught up in a three-deep defense and they went four verts. It was a great throw and great catch.

On being back at safety:

I felt good. It helps me play all kinds of things on the field. I'm helping guys and being more vocal.

On the running game from Stanford:

Hats off to their offensive line. You could tell they prepared very well this week. They were more physical. They got us today, hats off to them.

On if this loss to Stanford hurts more:

Every loss hurts, you don't want to lose.  We have to execute better than we did tonight. Hats off to their offense.

On if they did anything different offensively:

No, they just executed. Great O-Line, quarterback did well, great quarterback. It was execution at the end of the day.

On making sure they don't lose the season:

It will always be my responsibility to make sure gyus are sticking together.  We'll come back and be ready to fight.

On the difference between Stanford and other offenses:

We know Stanford brings a physical presence, they'll run the ball, milk the clock and all about possessions.

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