VIDEO: Darren Andrews on Big Game

Oct. 16 -- Darren Andrews talks about his big receiving day and how it felt to finally have a break out game...

Darren Andrews after the Stanford game.

On the deep touchdown:

It was good.  We practiced it and repped, so for us to go out and execute it was great, a great feeling.

On Stanford scoring the next drive:

Its hard. As an offense, we have to stay together and not go off the game plan. We have to trust everything will work out.

On he and Rosen’s chemistry:

I’m not quite sure. I just know I’m always in the seams and he likes to throw the seams so when I’m open, he throws it.

On if a year ago, he ever saw himself being the leading receiver in a game like this:

No, not at all, its all crazy. Injuries, a lot of stuff.  It’s great and I give God all the glory.

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