Jim Mora's Friday Teleconference

Oct. 16 -- Jim Mora gave some injury updates and talked about the defensive problems against Stanford...

Was there anything on defense that seemed to be reoccurring against them?

You don't play an offense that's structured like that too often, so you try to make adjustments throughout the game to what they're doing, getting our guys in the right position to make plays. We missed a few tackles in the run game, got out of our gaps a little bit. Kind of the typical stuff that happens when you're struggling against the run.

Penalties were an issue last night, and you've harped on that a ton. Why do you think this problem has persisted?

It hasn't been persisting. We've been better than our first three years in terms of penalties. Last night they reoccurred on offense specifically. So that's something that we're obviously working hard to correct and will continue to work hard to correct.

How do you correct an issue like penalties? Is it an emphasis in practice or is it something else?

Well, like I said, it hasn't been a real problem for us this year compared to past years, so we've kind of moved past it. Obviously you're concerned when you regress a little bit like you did last night, but it's just about playing the proper technique, focusing on fundamentals, and making good decisions.

You mentioned some reorganization on defense, is that more scheme or personnel?

No, it's personnel. We've had dramatic changes in personnel as everybody knows, so we're just kind of trying to get guys comfortable playing new positions within our scheme.

Do you have any update on how Deon Hollins is doing?

Deon is still under observation with a knee. Conor McDermott is getting an MRI on his knee. Alex Redmond is under observation for his hand. None of those three could finish the game. Tyler Scott blew out his ACL, so he's done for the year. Nate Starks had a head injury, so we'll see where he is.

When you say under observation, is that an examination?

They're going to see the doctors. It's not always easy to get it done right when you get back, so they're being evaluated.

Was there anything that did jump out to you defensively from the film?

Our guys fought their butts off. Our players are giving all they've got. There's no quit in them. They're trying to do everything they can to improve every day. I think we'll start to see the results of that here. That's what you're looking for, you're looking for young men to come out, and they fight hard, and they give it their all, and they have a good attitude. And that's what our guys are going to continue to do. That's what they've done. There's no question in my mind that they're giving their best, they're doing their best. We're just working through some things, which we'll continue to do and we'll be better for it.

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