VIDEO: Jordan Payton Talks About Regrouping

Oct. 19 -- Jordan Payton talks about his offensive pass interference and how the team can regroup with two straight losses...

Jordan Payton talks during Cal week.

On getting back on track:

Consistency. We have to come out and fix the problems.  We missed a couple assignments and penalties killed us. We have to come out and be more disciplined, practice faster, keep working and doing what we're supposed to do, we'll get a win out of it.

On the offensive PI call on him early:

I'm not really sure. I didn't have the mindset of picking him. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I know it was called a pick.  In my head, I didn't have the mindset of picking him. When I saw the flag, I thought it was something else. Things like that happen. You're not going to agree with every call.  I'm one who always disagrees.  In my head I was disagreeing, but that's the way the game go.

On Darren Andrews emergence:

He's really come alive. That spot is good for him. I'm excited for him and happy for him. I told him that after the game. He's a burner. We're excited for that.  We can't wait to play our in-state rival, Cal.

On similarities to last season:

I think the past two years, we've done the same thing. My sophomore year, we lost to Stanford and Oregon. Last year, Utah and Oregon, and then back-to-back losses now.  We're still confident and we play hard. We just have to clean things up and not let the mistakes kill us.

On how they bounced back last year:

We don't like to change anything, we like to focus on the problem and fix the problem.  We understand penalties are killing us, so we have to fix that.  We'll get back to it.

On the penalties:

I can't tell you.  Our team needs to do this in order to fix the problem. I know what me and my coach, Coach Yarber, we talk about the things we can do.  I'm not really sure the other things going on, but I can't have two penalties a game. That's one of the things I have to fix.

On what he's seen from Cal:

A lot so far. Yesterday and today on Cal. They're sound. They're playing really good football right now.  I'm focused on the defense.  For us to beat them, we have to come out.  It's not rocket science. Penalty free, turnover free and score touchdowns. I think they're playing more sound football. That's a credit to their head coach. We're excited to play them, it's going to be fun.

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