VIDEO: Jim Mora on Sunday Before Cal

Oct. 18 -- Jim Mora talked about the penalties against Stanford, the punting situation, and gave some injury updates...

Opening statement:

Its like a Tuesday in terms of our preparation. It was good work today. I feel like we've put the loss behind us, they've applied the lessons we've learned. We're just focused on continuing to improve and trying to get a win on Thursday night.

On the punting situation:

We're working on some things continually.  If there is a positive on it, we're not getting return yards on us. I know Matt is working hard. He's a good kid and he doesn't take it lightly. Maybe he overthinks.  Just trying to calm him down and encouraging him to do his best.

On their punting options:

I don't know. We have a couple things.  We've got some guys with punting background. RIght now we'll keep helping Matt along.

On the injuries:

(Connor) didn't practice today and he's very questionable. He was walking with out a limp but he has a brace on. He's got a knee sprain. Alex was out here, Deon didn't do much. We're a little beat up right now, but we'll get healthy by Thursday.  Kenny Young had a death in the family so we made sure he got back to Louisiana for the funeral.

On the difference between Stanford and Cal:

That's the nature of the Pac-12. You don't get any more radically different than those two.  Stanford is old school football, Cal is new school football. One similarity is both have outstanding quarterback.  You watch the Utah game, I watched it and you see his facial expressions. He throws four interceptions and you wouldn't know it.  As an observer of football, its been fun to watch him mature, as someone who has to play him, its not fun.  You have to defend both.  

On similarities to last season:

I hope its similar.  I'll tell you what you learn. I told them after the game, I've coached a lot of football. I went back and counted the games I've coached. Like 590 plus, 600. So you've been through 2-3-4 game losing streaks. The important thing is that you don't rush to the other side of the boat and take on water. If you believe in what you're doing, you get better.  You try to put your players in the best position and don't panic. Its about having a positive attitude and being a part of the solution and not the problem.  I know one thing, stay the course, if you believe the course is the right thing.

On Kolton Miller:

Kolton played well the other night.  You look for silver linings.  From Thursday night, Fred Ulu-Perry got a ton of reps at guard and Kolton got to play a ton and that will help us a ton down the road.  I thought he adjusted well.

On the penalties:

The penalties that bother me are the non-aggressive penalties, the false start, misaligned formation bothers me because those are concentration errors.  Guys have to do a better job of locking in.  On Kenny Walker, its hard to get on him, he's peeling back, you've got a good player chasing his quarterback and he's protecting him.  They call targeting, I don't know if it was or wasn't.  Its the concentration errors that are extremely frustrating. 

On Jordan Payton's penalty:

On film, Jordan's trying to avoid the guy.  He puts his hands up, they run in and he catches it.  Its the breaks of the games sometime.  Everyone sees something different. The backward pass, I saw it differently then they did. First time I challenged a call in four years.

On the targeting rule:

I would like to see it revisited.  I don't know that it needs to be changed, but it needs to be revisited. I don't know if you saw the Michigan game.  As a guy who likes football a little bit, its frustrating. Its important we always make player safety a priority, but at the same time, realize this is football, and its a violent contact sport. The penalty is so severe sometimes, you have to make sure its being officiated right and judged right. The more games you coach, the more you see.

On the end of the Michigan-Michigan State game:

We were working, and Demetrice Martin went to Michigan State. And Courtney Morgan who used to work here went to Michigan and they were on the phone back and forth the whole time.  And the whole office went crazy and Demetrice went out and started singing the Michigan State fight song and he's calling Courtney. Wow. That's the great thing about sports and competition, you never know what's going to happen.  Tough. Tough on that kid.

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