VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Preparing For Cal

Oct. 19 -- Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about preparing for California and whether the Bears present a better matchup for blitzing...

On Cal's passing game:

They have a good passing game. They do a lot of things that are difficult to defend. They have great receivers and a heck of a quarterback. We'll have our hands full.

On if it's the secondaries biggest test:

I think so because of the consistency of their attack, it will create a great challenge for us.

On if this is a better matchup to bring pressure:

Pressure a lot of times depends on the situation.  We have pressures, and when we want to use them, we use them.

On the pressures the last few games:

Its hard when Stanford's running the ball as well as they are. You don't want to pressure for the sake of pressuring.  Our biggest problem has been giving up the big play.  They're going to nick you and move the ball. We have to make sure they don't get the explosive play and we've given up too many.

On if they can mimic Cal better than Stanford:

We can't duplicate their speed on the edge.  But Jerry Neuheisel has done a great job imitating their quarterback. From the standpoint of people and personnel, we can duplicate it better.

On Jared Goff:

He's pretty good. I've seen a lot of good ones over the years, guys in the NFL.  On Sunday's, you see the guys we faced in college and he'll play on Sunday's too. He'll stand in there and he's not afraid to take a hit. He gets knocked down, he gets up. He doesn't have happy feet. He's got a great feel for getting out of there. 

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