VIDEO: Angus McClure on UCLA DL

Oct. 20 -- UCLA DL Coach Angus McClure talks about Kenny Clark and the play of Eli Ankou and Matt Dickerson...

Opening statement:

We're in preparation now for Cal.  The kids really came to work and did an outstanding job and we finished practice well with special teams.

On Kenny Clark:

Kenny keeps elevating his play each week. Each week, he gets better and better.  He does a great job with his technique and he's able to take over the middle of the field. He had a dominant effort against Stanford.  I believe he's just a great football player who continues to get better. He has such a great learning attitude and comes in to every meeting wanting to learn and he keeps progressing and getting better and better.

On mixing up how they use Clark:

We have some schematics we put in and we had success with it.  Twice he put the center in Hogan's lap. He plays with such great leverage and power and we felt to enhance his athleticism even more was to flex him back and do some things.

On giving up big plays:

We need to do a great job of each guy holding his gap and doing his responsibility and trying to do too much. We need to be disciplined and have great trust in our teammates.  Its playing the role you have on the team.

On Eli Ankou and Matt Dickerson:

Both of those guys have worked really hard and improved.  Eli has come a long ways in his four years.  He's one of the strongest guys on the team. He's become more fluid in his plays.  Matt Dickerson continues to improve also and he's one of the top pass rushers on our defense.

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