VIDEO: Jayon Brown on Improving The Defense

Oct. 21 -- Jayon Brown talks about what it will take to improve the defense going forward...

Jayon Brown talks during Cal week.

On how he feels:

I feel good, 100%.  I was fine (against Stanford).  I was good.

On what the defense needs to do different:

We have to stop the run game, be better tacklers, cover better and be better overall and put our offense in good situations.

On giving up big plays:

We have to have better awareness of down and distance.  And better ith our technique in coverage in third and longs and we have to get off the field so our offense can get points.

On matching up with Cal:

We match up good with anyone, we just have to execute.  Stanford came with it and we just have to get better.  We have to execute.

On preparing for Cal after preparing for Stanford:

Its not challenging at all. Its football, its part of life. We have to get back to it.  Put in extra film time.  

On Jared Goff:

He's a great quarterback, a great competitor. And Cal is a good team.  Like any other team in the Pac-12, fast, up tempo, great athletes all around.

On the defense's confidence:

We just have to get better. We've been practicing hard, going over our run fits, where we should be.  Tackle better, run downhill and be ready to hit.

On the defense's challenges:

Its mostly assignments. We have to be better on them. Our coaches are puttting us in position, we just have to execute.

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