Jim Mora on Tuesday

Oct. 20 -- Jim Mora talked briefly on Tuesday about how the Cal program has turned around so quickly...

Opening statement:

We have a big game on Thursday night against a rival Cal. It should be fun. We'll do something before. Some of our players and coaches and staff members have been affected by breast cancer. And this being breast cancer awareness month, we're going to have any of the females in our family that have been affected by breast cancer be our honorary captains.  My grandma passed away from breast cancer, my mom is a two-time survivor and we have about nine players and other people in our department that have been affected by it.  So we're going to walk them on the field and honor them. And then we hope to play well and get a win against a very good Cal game. We've had a good week of practice, we have one more tomorrow and then we're ready to roll. 

On if they'll wear any pink:

We'll be wearing black. We have a nice looking black uniform. We'll have pink, a little more understated, pink ribbon on our helmet.  To me, it becomes more about the fashion then the cause and the cause is breast cancer awareness instead of looking good in pink.

On how Sonny Dykes has turned around the Cal program:

Number one, a great quarterback in Goff.  When you have someone who can pull the trigger like he can, it really helps. Then you win some games, people buy in.  He's done that and brought in stability and consistency.

On if Ishmael Adams' status is affected:

No sir.

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