Mora After Win Over Cal

Oct. 22 -- Jim Mora talked about the win over Cal at the Rose Bowl...

Opening statement:

I’m proud of our guys who have been battling adversity. We lost our top runner and our starting right tackle. Our starting offensive line was great. Defensively, we played well. The key was getting that quarterback [Jared Goff] on the ground. He is a great player. In the second half, we got him on the ground.

On the pass rush:

It was really no more than usual. It was just more effective. We were standing guys up and moving them around. We pressed the pocket. We were close in the first half. He was feeling the pressure. There was pressure but he slid away and made accurate throws. The key was being able to get him on the ground a few times. Thankfully, we did.

On Josh Rosen:

Josh is a lot like the kid that we were playing against. He’s very mature, he has tremendous poise, he prepares well, and he’s smart. He trusts the guys around him. He trusts his receivers. Like all great performers, they are able to let go of what just happened and move on to the next event. Josh has been able to do that now for seven games, in spring ball and in our summer camp. He’s a rare kid, just like Goff. They’re both very good quarterbacks.

On Johnny Johnson's performance:

They tried going after him and he did a nice job. I’m glad you recognized that because he’s had two shoulder surgeries. He has battled. He was a highly-acclaimed recruit and, just because of injuries, it has not happened for him. Cal has great receivers. Those guys are ballers. And Johnny did a nice job. He stayed on top of them. He found the ball and played well. I was excited about that for him.

On Ka'imi Fairbairn's 60-yard field goal:

I was going to put the offense back out there, and Jerry [Neuheisel] said that he’s got it. I asked him at halftime, and he said that he’d heard the boom of the ball on that 55-yarder and [Ka’imi] has hit 64-yarders in practice. That was a big adrenaline rush and a boost to our momentum. That made it a three-score game at halftime instead of two.

On the UCLA secondary:

Our secondary, those guys take a lot of pride. They’re very well coached. Coach [Demetrice] Martin is a great technician. Our guys have accepted the coaching and they applied it tonight.

On UCLA's running game setting up the pass:

I don’t believe in one setting up the other. You have to be able to do both effectively. The credit needs to start with the offensive line. Kolton Miller made his first start and did a heck of a job. Those guys have consistently played well for us. If you are running it well, you’re throwing it well and then you become tough to defend.

On the team staying the course:

It’s not just over the week. It’s a continual message. It has to be part of your culture. I don’t think that people understand how hard it is to win a game, and multiple games. We have had a lot of adversity of with personnel changes. When you work hard and have faith and believe in what you’re doing, good things are going to happen. It’s a message that has to permeate your program. We all know that we struggled in October, but we found a way to pull out of it, and I believe that we will again.

On Josh Rosen's improvement:

He doesn’t throw those balls back across his body into coverage. He has learned to make better decisions in the open field. When he kept the ball and took that hit tonight, I didn’t think that was a great decision. But his understanding of our offense, of his receivers and what they do well and just his confidence. He is a confident kid as it is, but as you have success, you gain confidence.

On the big picture for UCLA:

Our goals are to get better every day. We are about the process, quite frankly. We are trying to get better every day and focus on each step. Tonight was another step. But we have to back it up with another good step tomorrow.

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