VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Defensive Showing

Oct. 22 -- Tom Bradley talks about the play of the secondary and the pass rush against California on Thursday...

On the secondary:

I thought they played great and did a great job locking down. Johnny Johnson played great, the corner.  He had to. I thought we did a great job with the secondary.  Guys played well, we lost a couple more guys.  Having Deon out hurts us with his pass rush but AWall went out there and did a great job.  We lost our middle linebacker and then Kenny missed a day. The last pass play was just not getting enough reps. We accomplished what we wanted to, keeping the ball in front of us, made them work, no big plays, and we did that. Its a tribute to our players.

On losing Isaako Savaainaea:

Kenny has played in there but we've been shortchanged at linebacker. Kenny has played both positions, but we moved him to Jack and then to Mike.  Its not an easy assignment.

On bouncing back:

I think Coach Mora set the tone early in the week what we were trying to accomplish. He brought the team to the stadium last night and got the team around him at the 50 and his message is what the team needed to hear. They knew the assignment in front of them.

On pressuring Jared Goff:

He's tough. The thing about him is he's tough.  We did a lot of it with four-man pressure and then did some different things and stunts. The one thing about him, you see it tonight, its not that he's fast or quick, but he's hard to get to and you have to be disciplined in your rush.  Jerry Neuheisel came over and gave us a heck of a look this week and thanks to Jerry, we got better this week.

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