VIDEO: Josh Rosen After California

Oct. 22 -- Josh Rosen talked about the big showing against California on Thursday...

Josh Rosen after California.

On having a performance like he did against Jared Goff:

It was as meaningful as every game. It was cool watching him on the sidelines go at it. Every game is meaningful in college football, not like the NFL where you can drop a few.  Every game means an incredible amount in college and that's why you have to approach each week.

On his offensive line:

They were phenomenal.

On if it was his best game:

I feel like I've played a few great games.

On the offensive line helping the offense:

Our offensive line is amazing. Its physically impossible to block six guys with five blockers.  You can try to dictate the game.  You can be run heavy, but sometimes defenses load the boxes.

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