VIDEO: Soso Jamabo on Big Game

Oct. 23 -- Soso Jamabo talks about getting a significant amount of carries and how he has improved since the beginning of the year...

Sotonye Jamabo talked after Cal.

On his playing time against Cal:

It felt good to get the ball a lot.  Paul went down and next man up. We get prepared real well by our coach and I did what I had to do and our offensive line did what they had to do and we had a great day.

On his biggest progress this season:

Running hard.  There are a lot of things I need to improve on and will improve on, but I've been running harder lately and it's working to my advantage.

On bouncing back:

We're real consistent and persistent and work hard. We're a family and we made it a point this week to go out and play as a family and you saw it tonight.

On being more effective:

It was a big point this week to get first down's on third downs.  We did a good job on third down tonight and will the rest of the season.

On Paul Perkins:

The thing about Paul is he's never down, he's always up and he has a great attitude a 100% of the time.  He was never down and was telling me what to do and I love him for that. We'll continue to get better and when he's back, we'll welcome him with open arms.

On running with a lower pad level:

Every day, we're working on pad level, sinking our hips. It will come with more repetition. Its something I'm working on right now but will come with more repetition.

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