VIDEO: Thomas Duarte on Rosen's Growth

Oct. 26 -- Thomas Duarte talks about Josh Rosen's growth, his relationship with the quarterback, and watching the Utah game on Saturday...

Thomas Duarte during Colorado week.

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On his comfort level with Rosen: 

I've been consistent for him. Coming in as a young quarterback, he was going to have nerves.  We've built a great relationship

On Rosen throwing over the middle: 

A lot of these teams we've played, the middle has been wide open. We want to take advantage of that.  The middle is always open.  I'm willing to go over the middle to catch those balls and I think its building his confidence. 

On if bubble screens open the middle: 

Definitely, the stretch the defense out and make them play honestly and commit to the run.  

On if they watched the Utah game: 

We were trying to enjoy the weekend and have a long break. We were watching the game pretty intently.  The winning team was the team we wanted to win.

On playing with backs to the wall: 

I think we've been there before. We have experience. This team is a veteran team. We can bounce back and showed it against Cal. We'll stay focused and play hard.  We know what to capitalize on and focus on.  Rather than being our first time, we now know where we need to go and what to attack. Focus week in and week out.  That's one thing we'll commit to.  We got dinged up a little, but thats no excuse. We just needed to execute a little more- that was the problem.

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