VIDEO: Eli Ankou on Bouncing Back

Oct. 27 -- Defensive tackle Eli Ankou talks about how the team bounced back last week against California...

Eli Ankou talked during Colorado week. 

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On Utah's loss: 

We're not too worried about them and doing what we need to do and just need to win out.  I don't see it as casting it in a different light, I see it as worrying about us. Them losing is helpful for a lot of teams, but I'm just worried about us.

On if there is a renewed energy: 

I feel like ever since the Stanford loss we've reinvigorated ourselves and who we are as a defense and offense. The energy is really good.  Its a mental thing.  Its not necessarily after the loss, its just who we are as a team.

On bouncing back last year: 

We're always mentally on our game.  Our focus was always there, it was a matter of executing.

On why it didn't happen earlier: 

I wouldn't use the word rediscovering, but a matter of realizing who we are and executing.  To say rediscovering ourselves, its a very broad term.

On who they are as a team: 

As a defense, we're hard hitting, pursue to the ball, very physical. We don't let exterior circumstances affect who we are as a team. For the offense, fast paced, that's who we are.

On what the exterior things are: 

Well obviously the injuries.  The numbers are dwindling. But that's no excuse, next man up.

On why the DL succeeded against Cal: 

I guess its just us being able to get off the ball, pressure the quarterback and he felt us. I think our game plan worked.

On going 2-point on the DL: 

It definitely helps on protection and confusing the lineman on their assignments.  Angus is the master with the schemes, he'll gladly help you.  

On the difference between Cal and Stanford's offensive line: 

You can tell the Stanford offensive line is more physical and power while Cal is a different breed or game. Their effort is more individualized.

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