VIDEO: Soso Jamabo on Improving

Oct. 28 -- Running back Soso Jamabo talks about his improvement as a power runner since the beginning of the season...

Sotonye Jamabo talked during Colorado week.

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On takeaways from Cal game:

There is a lot to improve on.  Our coach and our RB group went through a good film session and there is a lot to improve on for sure. It was a nice start to the season to get a lot of carries.

On the best feedback he's gotten:

Consistency in all that I do. Whenever I'm making plays, just being consistent.

On moving the pile better than before:

Getting bigger and stronger and running harder, that definitely helps for sure.

On if that's something Polamalu emphasizes:

Everything, collision, balance, everything, it's not just one style.  Doing all that helps me as a running back and helps athletes in general.

On Paul Perkins:

He always has the best attitude.  He's ready for opportunity. He keeps consistent and persistent in everything we do. He's a great leader.

On his biggest adjustment to college:

Waking up every day, knowing you have to go hard and keep grinding every day. Im getting over the lull of things.

On the swing pass:

One more step and it might have been six. I'll try to take it for six next time.

On if Utah's loss rejuvenated them:

We want to stay energetic and optimistic and we have an opportunity now and its in our hands. We'll get ready for Colorado and take it one game at a time.

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