VIDEO: Darren Andrews on Bigger Role

Oct. 26 -- Darren Andrews talks about taking a bigger role in the offense as the season progresses...

Darren Andrews talked during Colorado week.

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On being in the rotation:

Its been good. I've been working hard to help this team out and do what I can to help the offense and help our team get a win.

On being more featured weekly:

It feels good. I feel like the bubble opens things as well and it triggers opening up Thomas or Devin or Jordan.  Anything to help the team.

On if the coaches are excited:

I feel like they're excited and happy for me and what I've overcome, injury-wise and helping the team.  That was surprising to me.

On building chemistry with Rosen:

Its constantly reps. You can talk about it off the field, but its knowing it on the field.  What he likes to throw, getting reps and the repetition, the chemistry comes from.

On playing with Rosen:

He's not afraid to throw the ball, to throw it downfield, if it looks like you're covered, he'll give you a shot.  He's willing to give us a shot and a 50-50 ball that we have to come down for.  You can't take any routes off, any plays off, if you think you're clearing a play up, he's liable to throw the ball down field and you have to be ready.

On Rosen's decision making:

It's been great. People said he wasn't doing well at first but he's making the right reads, going through his progressions. He's confident about it and that's very good about it.

On if the Utah loss reinvigorated them:

No, we have to worry about us and Colorado and the next game we're playing. That Utah loss isn't really affecting us. We have to worry about us and about the team.  It was a good game to watch. I was watching it.

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