VIDEO: Jim Mora on Tuesday Before Colorado

Oct. 27 -- Jim Mora talked about Kenny Walker's punts, Ka'imi Fairbairn's kicks, and the pressure from the defense last Thursday...

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On the injured players:

They're all doing better and all making progress.  No updates other than they're making progress. We hope to have the guys available available and the guys that aren't won't be.

On the defense against Cal:

Overly encouraging? Nothing. Encouraging? We were more sound against the run because we were disciplined in our gap control, we tackled better, we stayed on our feet better. We got pressure on the quarterback and got him on the turf in the second half and our coverage was tight. Our secondary is a good group. They're No. 1 in the conference in pass efficiency.

On if they're better suited for offenses like Cal:

We can play against either, you just don't see the other offense, like Stanford. We don't see that style of offense ever unless we're seeing them. They're a very good team and well coached and present problems for who they play who doesn't have a familiarity with what they do.

On if the tight coverage contributed to the pressure on Goff:

It always goes together, hand in hand. If you can get pressure and the guy has to get the ball out quicker, if you have tight coverage and he has to read through his progressions, it will help your rush. We eliminated throwing lanes.

On Johnny Johnson:

I was encouraged but also excited for him. Its been a long journey for Johnny, with the two shoulder surgeries.  We put him out there and he was in man.  Its encouraging because he can do it and exciting because of the hard work he's put in and the adversity he's overcome.  It's great for him.

On if its mental or physical rust for Johnson:

When you have two shoulder surgeries, that's mental and physical. A physical component because you're trying to recover but mental because your human nature is to question things. He came here highly acclaimed and didn't work out because of the shoulder, then fought back and got hurt again. It wears on you emotionally.  Its really great to see for him.

On Soso Jamabo's development:

He's gained weight and gotten stronger and hits the hole quicker because he understands the offense better.  He's always been explosive through the hole, he's more decisive. Both he and Bolu are doing the same.

On Kenny Clark's pressure:

Anytime that your edge rusher are putting pressure on guys, Takk, Deon and Aaron Wallace and Matt Dickerson, it allows you to get more 1on1 inside, and a guy like Kenny Clark is tough to block inside. He wins some and matches up some.  He's definitely improving because he comes out here every day and works hard.

On Ka'imi Fairbairn's range:

It allows us to kick field goals when its a long range one rather than the decision to punt or go for it. When your kicker is banging consistently, and youre kicking a 54-yarder, you have a legitimate shot. If its 4th and 10 on the 36, rather than going for it, you have a guy who can get you three points. Its a nice option to have. He's kicked up to 64 in practice. Like I said after the game, Jerry and Ka'imi had the confidence, they got it. They gave me the thumbs up. He's kicking as well as anyone in the country when you consider his kickoffs and field goals. I don't know that there is a more efficient kicker in the country. His teammates have stuck with him the whole way, he's kept his confidence and its paying off for him. Its fun to see. You see this in college football, they come in and grow.

On Kenny Walker's punting:

He did a nice job, put one down on the 9-yard line and his other one wasn't returned. Josh's punt was good too, we put it on the nine as well. We have to keep looking at it and find ways to increase our net punt average.

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