VIDEO: Kenny Walker on Taking Over At Punter

Oct. 27 -- Kenny Walker talks about taking over as the punter and where he's made the biggest strides as a receiver...

Kenny Walker talked during Colorado week.

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On punting against Cal:

It felt real good. My number was called to help the team so I went out there and did what I was supposed to do.

On the last time he punted in a game:

High school. I was the punter in high school, full time.

On if he was a rugby style punter:

Its something I learned playing soccer back in the day, but in high school I was a straight up punter.

On his punts:

I think they were alright.

On how it went down:

I was kicking one day and they asked if I had interest in punting and I said yeah.

On if his speed adds a wrinkle as a punter:

Nah, I'm just punting.

On if that's his full time job now:

Nah, its just something to help out the team. I'm still playing receiver, but they needed help at punter.

On if he was rusty:

I was punting the whole week, that's all I do, kick the ball.

On strides as a receiver:

Mainly focusing on catching the ball, that's a main priority for me. 

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