VIDEO: Aaron Wallace on Rushing the Passer

Oct. 29 -- Aaron Wallace talked about generating a pass rush and the progress he's made since last year...

Aaron Wallace talked during Colorado week.

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On what they saw on film:

Looking back on film, everyone was doing their job and it showed in our performance.

On his game against Cal:

During the game, I wasn't thinking about it as much, just going play by play, helping the team win, but after it felt good, 2.5 sacks, its pretty decent for one game. I was pretty happy.

On leading the team in sacks:

I wasn't really thinking about leading the team, just wanted to come out and play to the best of my abilities.  Just playing hard, studying film and preparation.

On the biggest growth for him:

My confidence, when I'm out there, I feel more comfortable and not second guessing and playing fast.

On how the defense has bounced back:

Getting back to basics with everything we've done.

On Colorado:

We started film yesterday and got some good sessions in. They have a good running scheme, they run a lot of power and they're able to spread the defense out with their spread/pass.

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