VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Rosen's Development

Oct. 28 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about Josh Rosen's development and how it has changed his play calling...

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On Colorado's defense:

I see Mac has gotten them better every year. They started playing good defense towards the end of last year. They had a hiccup against Hawaii, but if you watched them against Oregon, they're right there with everybody, at halftime. They're playing hard.  I like their D-Line. Its going to be a good challenge for us.

On Rosen's decision making:

We obviously dont have as many (run/pass options) with him in as we did with Brett, we're throwing out of the pocket a little more this year. He's played seven games and every week, the light comes on a little more. We have the lights on in the basement, we're working to get them on in the living room and kitchen this week.  He's the same guy, he knows the offense body.  I feel good about where he's at.  We still have a ways to go to be the offense we want to be.  

On when they fully gave Hundley the full decisions on run/pass:

Probably his second year.

On Thomas Duarte:

He's 6-3, has good hands and runs good routes. Josh is developing some good me-to-you with some guys, and he's one of those guys and he's comfortable throwing it to TD.

On Rosen's fearlessness:

He's always had that since Day One, a lot of confidence in his arm.  He's a real accurate kid which you have to have. He's accurate and anticipates the windows really well.

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