VIDEO: Kenny Clark on Improving His Pass Rush

Oct. 30 -- Kenny Clark talks about improving his pass rush and what's been key in getting more sacks...

Kenneth Clark talked during Colorado week.

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On Colorado's scare last year:

That was big for both of us.  They're a good team and they found something inside. They sparked a comeback.  We were up.  They made some plays and we were out of position and they made those plays and had a couple of explosive touchdowns.

On if they overlooked them:

Nah, we don't overlook anyone.

On more pass rushing this year:

Its cool, giving me more experience. I'm comfortable anywhere, but its a new look for me.

On it keying the overall pass rush:

When we're moving, its a different look for us, especially when DL stand up, we don't do that often. When we do get a chance to do that, we want the coaches to keep doing it.

On mobile quarterbacks:

You have to stay in the gap, know the guy is mobile and push the pocket back and make his life stressful in there and close lanes he can run.

On his improvement:

I think I'm improving each game and being consistent. That's my goal each game.  My main focus is being consistent and going out here and playing for my teammates. I think honestly, I'm more explosive and I understand a lot of situations more.  I think its brought me and given me a lot of experience.  I think my pass rush has gotten a lot better and just trying to improve on that and help inside and help Deon on the edge, close the inside, so we can get more sacks on the quarterback.

On if things are clicking more:

I felt like I was getting pressure all season. Once you get a sack, the mentality changes and you start seeing things different. You start realizing a lot of things. I'm not a superb pass rusher by any means.  We make it hectic in there and the quarterback is going crazy, so all of us are making a mess of each other.

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