VIDEO: Tom Bradley Talks Corners, D-Line

Oct. 28 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the improvement from the corners in man coverage and the pass rush last Thursday...

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On what they did differently against Cal:

We tackled better, didn't give up any big plays. You do that, things are pretty good and will turn out well.  We did down and distance better because we took care of the little things so the big things took care of themselves.  They played hard.

On if poor tackling is a trend:

I think it may be a trend because the way people teach tackling now, people are concerned about concussions. You don't get a chance to tackle as much, roster sizes are down.  The way you used to do it, you had 20 practices and 105 guys, and when I played, 125 guys, you had more bodies.  I think the other thing about tackling, you see more missed tackles because the game is played more in space instead of packed in the box.  There are more 1on1 tackles in college football.

On Johnny Johnson and Marcus Rios:

I thought they did a heck of a job there. I'm really happy for Johnny, because he's overcome the shoulders and he always has to sit next to me in meetings so I pick on him so he's probably happy he played well.  

On if that gives them more confidence:

Hopefully, for me, playing in the secondary, confidence has a short shelf life and has to be replenished. They can go from highlight to lowlight.  If you're going to play defense, its key moving forward. 

On Aaron Wallace:

I think one of the things for A-Wall is that he's been able to adapt to play different positions.  He plays a couple positions and plays them well, which is not an easy task. He stepped in for Deon last week and had three sacks. He doesn't get a lot of work there, he's got a lot of different things going on.  Hopefully, we don't push him and give him too much. We're trying to make sure we ask him to do things he can do.

On if the DL is building confidence:

Every week its what pressure package you're going to use.  When you're playing up front, you're going 1on1 and have to hustle to the ball so you have to play really smart up there. There is a little more thinking up there then people realize.

On Sefo Liufau's mobility:

He's good at what he does and has a knack for where the hole is. He's 6-4, 235, and its impressive and that's what, when you talk pass rush, somebody has to make sure they don't disregard and know where that quarterback is and know down and distance. When he tucks, he does a fine job of finding the sticks. A lot of variables go in to him. 

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