VIDEO: Jordan Payton During Colorado Week

Oct. 30 -- Jordan Payton talks about the play of Josh Rosen, Thomas Duarte, and more...

Jordan Payton talked during Colorado week.

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On Josh Rosen's growth:

Each week he's developing more and maturing more. Its fun to be around him, watching him sling it, watching guys run down field and have fun. The offense is doing great and I'm excited for Colorado.  We keep the same amount of plays every time, but with a developing and maturing quarterback, you can add more things. As he goes, we go.  We add more, but keep our core stuff. Its exciting to watch Josh go out there and play and really fun.

On Thomas Duarte:

He's been a threat the whole time. Last year, injuries got him, a couple here and there, but he's a phenomenal player and it makes things easy for me and the rest of us to have a dependable guy. Thats the kind of guy you want to play with. His role has been the same but he's been able to stay healthy.

On Rosen's mentality:

He definitely has a gunslinger mentality and wants to put it where he wants it to go. He's a talented kid, a talented individual and you have to be ready for it every time.

On if they have to play DB sometimes:

If its a bad pass, then you have to deal with it.

On what Colorado did last year:

Colorado is an underrated team and people sleep on them a lot. Not saying we did, but penalties and fumbles, things like that will hurt you on the road. They have a stingy defense and phenomenal players. This year we have to stay away from turnovers and penalties.

On Colorado's defense:

They're in a lot more man this year and great length across the board. For us, it will be a tough game for us and we have to put our hard hats on.

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