Mora Provides Injury Updates, More

Oct. 29 -- Coach Jim Mora provided some updates on the injured, talked about his offensive line and Colorado...

Jim Mora answered questions Thursday after practice.

For those who can't view the video above, here it is:

Opening statement:

Not much to add from Tuesday. A typical week of practice, good attitude, good focus, good energy. We have a big challenge on Saturday.

On Colorado's evolvement:

Consistency, better players, players that play with great discipline.  Toughness. Mike's a really good coach and he's done a really nice job.

On the defense's mindset being heavily favored:

I don't believe our guys don't look at the line, because they don't bet. We look at the film, not the line.  It doesn't enter our mind. I couldn't tell you if we're favored in any game.

On if it works for guys to feel like underdogs:

I don't know, I have no idea.

On Colorado's defense:

They're kind of a 3-4 look, man-coverage, they play aggressively and tackle well.  They play solid defense and sound.

On the offensive line:

They've been the key. When you have a true freshman playing quarterback, they have struggles, but when you stand behind an offensive line that has consistency and experience and are pretty darn good, it gives a sense of comfort. They pick up pressures.  Its gone down a lot (sacks).

On Caleb Benenoch's season:

He's only a junior, but he's got a lot to work on. Its a huge jump to go to the NFL from college football, harder than anyone can imagine. He'll have that opportunity at some point, but its tough for everyone. Its tough for every position. You're dealing with bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic, the best of the best every single day. Its a drastic difference from the jump from high school to college. Its a totally different world.

On Tahaan Goodman:

We played him as a nickel linebacker, just playing our dime position and dime package. Safety and base, he's really playing multi positions and doing a nice job. He brings a physicality you want to see on defense.

On Paul Perkins and Nate Starks:

They're fine.

On if they'll play on Saturday:

We'll see.  12:07 kickoff. I would assume that both would play, both are on track to play. I was more worried about Paul earlier in the week.

On Devin Fuller:

He practiced yesterday and practiced today. I don't want to use the word concussion, not sure it was a concussion, but if our medical staff clears him to play, he's cleared to play. Our doctors are the best for that and we take it seriously.

On Isaako Saavaainaea:

We'll see on Saturday at 12:07 if #44 is out there. 

On Connor McDermott:

Connor has practiced all week and looks good.

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