Jim Mora on How Colorado Was Gritty Win

Oct. 31 -- Coach Jim Mora talked from the Rose Bowl after what he called a gritty win over Colorado...

Opening statement:

That was about as gritty a win as I have ever been around. To overcome the things that we overcame, in terms of personnel, was staggering. I couldn’t tell you who was in there on any given play. From cramps, to sprained ankles to hamstrings and then a true freshman seals it [Nate Meadors] – a safety playing corner. That’s a team win, which is what it’s all about. It’s all about winning. You talk about team and embracing team, that is what those guys did. It was hard. It was tough and it was a puzzle and they showed true grit. That’s one of the most rewarding wins that I’ve had in three and a half years here.

On Nate Meadors’ interception:

He just got a good break. He trusted his instincts. I think he just read it and used his technique and trusted it and made a great play. He’s a true freshman safety playing corner in a two-minute drive and that says a lot about him and his gumption and this whole team.

On the defense being fatigued:

I haven’t asked the guys if they were tired. They just kept playing and made stops when they had to make stops.

On the momentum and flow:

It was a touchdown, but that was hard on our defense. Ish [Adams] returns an interception for a touchdown, and then [Paul] Perkins takes it to the house. That’s why I used a timeout. I cherish timeouts, but those guys needed a couple minutes. I mean, they were spent. We had over 60 plays in the first half. But I tell you what, at the end of the game, two big [defensive] plays and they rose up and made stops. That’s what it’s all about. It’s awesome.

On Josh Rosen’s performance: 

I don’t know that he played exceptionally well today. But he’s doing great. He’s making big-time improvements, as is this team. They’re overcoming obstacles on a weekly basis. That is how you build grit.

On if the defense is tiring:

These are 18, 19, 20 year old kids. They recover. They’ll be just fine on Monday, maybe a little sore. But I don’t think there is.

On if he’s coached a game like this:

I’ve coached over 600 games, so I’m sure at some point I’ve had a game like this.

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