VIDEO: Tom Bradley After Colorado

Oct. 31 -- Tom Bradley talked after the Colorado game about the defensive performance in the face of injuries...

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On the defense:

I'm only worried about one thing, what's on the left side, the win. We had guys playing in positions they've never even practiced. So our gameplan got diluted.  You don't want to give them a point.  We couldn't do thnigs we wanted to do earlier because guys had played positions they'd never played.  I'm not a stat guy.  They hung tough as team and on the sidelines.  

On Colorado running so many plays:

I'm a big fan of points.  You saw our linebacker depth today.  We played freshman today, Josh, gets in his first game ever, we couldn't get him in a game where we were leading by a lot, we throw him in the fire, and then he does fine but then he gets hurt. I thought we were doing what we wanted to do early. As it started to snowball, you scratched it out.  

On the last drive:

I'm awful proud of them.  You have so many young guys out on the island.  That's where you swallow and your breakfast comes up.  You have to be smart. That's where I thought the players played tough.  I told some of them, you're not coming out, you have to stick it out.

On burning Josh Woods' redshirt:

We just don't have any depth left at linebacker, we had to.  I hope the young man gets back, he's a fine player.  

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